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Building & Zoning

Jim Gray, Building Inspector & Zoning Administrator
Cell: 989-213-9549

Electrical Inspector Barri Woods - 989-233-7036
Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector Scott Steinke - 989-781-6973

No Building Permits Required for:

  • Siding of house or garage
  • Storage Sheds (Under 120 sq ft)
Building Permits Required for:

  • Any new construction such as a pole barn, garage, deck, porch, sheds larger than 10'x12' (120 sq. ft.), pools
  • Replacement windows may need a permit - please call the Building Inspector
  • Re-Roof Permit (Residential)
  • Site Plans needed for any building erected with setbacks clearly marked.  Setbacks for Accessory buildings are 4' from the side lot line and 5' from the rear lot line with no more than 33% of your back yard covered.
  • Pools, also all private swimming pools must have a fence around them at least 4' in height. Above-ground pools that are at least 4' in height are not required to have a fence, but must have a lockable or removable ladder.
Electrical, Mechanical, & Plumbing Permits:

  • A permit must be obtain for any new construction plus any changes or upgrades to existing buildings.

Building Permit
Electrical Permit
Plumbing Permit
Mechanical Permit
Roof Permit
Fence Permit

Zoning Permit

Carrollton Township Fee Schedule
Carrollton Township Master Plan
Code of Ordinances