Carrollton Township, MI

Crime Prevention in the Township of Carrollton


  1. Crime Prevention is everybody's job.
    It is up to all of us to try and prevent crime. Each and every one of us is responsible for reporting and preventing crime in our community. We all have to pay for crime committed in and around our community. The Police department is designed to prevent, investigate and act on all crimes in our community, but it must have help and cooperation from the community to do such a job.
  2. The community provides eyes and the ears for the police department.
    The community should support their local Law Enforcement Agencies by means of reporting what they hear and see when it comes to a crime. They are the extra eyes and ears in the community needed to help solve and prevent crime from taking over.
    If it was not for the community, crime could not be controlled. A single Police Officer in Carrollton Township is usually responsible for over six thousand people and the entire area of this community. One Police Officer cannot serve such a large amount of people and area without the help and support of the community.


  1. Victims of crime.
    Everyone in the community is a victim of crime in that community.
  2. The Criminal.
    Anyone who causes the above person in the community to be a victim is a Criminal.
  3. The losses from crime.
    Thousands of dollars are lost in our community each year – such as large thefts from burglary, to small thefts of shoplifting. Also losses due to vandalism and property damage. Crime even results in the loss of lives.


  1. Lighting.
    No criminal wants to be seen. Just having proper lighting around a residence, business and streets can help keep the common criminal at bay. Notify Consumers Power or the Police Department if a streetlight is out.
  2. Locks and alarms.
    Using locks and alarms to detain or detour the common burglar is a must. You worked hard for what you got, so if someone is determined to take it from you, don't just give it away.
  3. Awareness.
    Be aware of what happens in your community and report any unusual activities or crimes that you witness; it's your responsibility.


  1. Security Surveys.
    The Carrollton Township Police Department offers a free security check of your home or business. The security check consists of an officer coming to your home or business and checking for security weaknesses, such as proper (and working) locks, lighting and maintenance of the property. Suggestions will be given for any weaknesses found.
  2. Neighborhood Watch.
    The Carrollton Township Police Department offers a Neighborhood Watch Program for those interested in starting a group program of neighbors watching out for neighbors.
  3. Operation I.D.
    The Carrollton Township Police Department encourages citizens to inventory their personal property. A list should be kept in a secure location. The list should contain a property description and a complete record of serial numbers. Almost everything you buy has an individual serial number on the item. This is not to be confused with a model number which is also attached to every item. The serial number is a unique number applied to the item. Therefore, if for any reason, a piece of property needs to be identified as your own, the serial number can be used to do this. A serial number is also a reuirement for the police to enter stolen property into the stolen property computer database. This system is used by police agencies throughout the United States to run checks on stolen property. If for any reason you purchase a piece of property with no serial number attached, the police department will assist you in applying your own unique number for identification purposes. 
  4. Crime Prevention Seminars.
    The Carrollton Township Police Department offers Crime Prevention Seminars to any organization interested in knowing helpful hints to better protect themselves and their property from crime.
  5. D.A.R.E. Program.
    The Carrollton Township Police Department provides the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Program to the Carrollton School District. This Program consists of a Police Officer teaching a drug and violence resistance program to the students.
  6. Child Registry Program.
    The Carrollton Township Police Department offers a Child Registry Program to the community. This program consist of children being fingerprinted into a child registry book which is then turned over to the parents for their records in the event the child should be lost or abducted. The program also consists of a video taping of the child, which is given to the parents for future references.
  7. Bicycle Registry and Seminar Programs.
    The Carrollton Township Police Department offers a Bicycle Registry Program to the community, which consists of registering a community resident's bicycle in the event the bicycle is loss or stolen.
    Seminars on bicycle safety are also available to children to learn how to maintain, ride safely and protect their bicycle.
  8. Ride-Along Program.
    The Carrollton Township Police Department offers the Ride-long Program to selected citizens of our community who are interested in learning more about their Police Department and how the Police Department functions.


  1. Use of force.
    The community has a big responsibility in fighting crime –such as reporting it. The Police Department needs your help to find the criminal by means of information on what you saw or heard. However, the Police Department does not want you to put yourself into a dangerous position by trying to catch the criminal.

Carrollton Township Police Chief Craig A. Oatten

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