Carrollton Township, MI

Treasurer's Office

 Treasurer Shellene Thurston
 Deputy Treasurer Megan Weaver

Telephone: (989) 754-4611
Fax: (989) 754-5705

Mission Statement

The mission of the Treasurer's Office is:

  • To oversee the billing and collection of Township, County, School and State Education real and personal property taxes;
  • To prepare all special-assessment billings;
  • To process payments, disbursements and settlements of all tax collections;
  • To promptly prepare and forward township property tax statements twice a year (Summer taxes by July 1st and Winter taxes by December 1st);
  • To provide prompt and accurate responses to citizens' property tax inquiries;
  • To enforce the collection of delinquent personal property taxes;
  • To oversee investment activities and prepare related reports;
  • To collect approximately 2,500 quarterly township water and sewer billings;
  • To collect all other Township receivables;
  • To conduct daily banking;
  • To promptly reconcile all bank account statements;
  • To sign and disburse township payable checks and complete electronic monetary transactions in a timely manner; and
  • To maintain precise and up-to-date financial records that reconcile accurately with the Clerk's General Ledger control accounts;

It is the practice and the continued goal of the Treasurer's Office to provide our citizens with the best possible government; to maintain a knowledgeable, helpful and courteous staff; to be receptive to the needs and concerns of the public; and to provide the public with prompt and efficient service.

Shellene Thurston, Treasurer
Carrollton Township

As your elected Treasurer, I hope that you will find my office web pages useful and informative. Please contact me, or any staff person listed on the Township Office home page with your suggestions, comments and questions. They are welcome-and-encouraged. Thank you and enjoy your visit as you browse.

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