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Clerk's Office Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Annual Meeting:

1.  Who can participate in the Annual meeting?

Michigan Law requires that participants:

  • Be eligible to register to vote (does not have to be a registered voter);
  • Be a citizen of the United States and at least 18 years of age;
  • Be a resident of Michigan;
  • Be a resident of the township on or before the 30th day prior to the Annual Meeting; and
  • Vote by voice vote.

2.  Is the township required to hold an Annual Meeting?

Townships do not have to hold an annual meeting unless a majority of the Township Board decides by resolution to do so.

3.  If the board decides not to hold an Annual Meeting and the electors want the meeting, what can they do?

Electors can force the township to hold an annual meeting by presenting a petition to submit the question of re-establishing the annual meeting to the voters at the next primary or general election.  It must be signed by at least 5 percent of the registered electors. (Approximately 240 in Carrollton Township.) The voters' decision is binding and can only be abolished by a subsequent vote of the people. (The Township Board can also place the question on the ballot.)

4.  Who moderates the meeting?

The Township Supervisor is required to moderate the meeting. If he/she is absent, a moderator must be elected by voice vote.

5.  What actions can be taken by the electors at the Annual Meeting?

a. Binding Actions:

    • Increase the number of trustees to be elected. (Carrollton Township with a population over 6,620 and/or having 4,400 registered voters may expand to four trustees.)
    • If the township does not have a Compensation Commission, it may alter the salaries of elected official as established by a prior Township Board resolution.  (Carrollton Twp. has such a commission, which meets in odd years only.)

b.  Non-binding actions:

    • Can make comments on the budgets.  However, electors do not have the right to cast a binding vote.  This is the legal responsibility of the board at a township board meeting.  Any actions taken by the electors on the budget (or any other matter brought up for comment) would be strictly advisory.]


  1. Are the township departments required to have a budget?
    Yes. Township dollars cannot be spent unless the expense has been approved in the departmental budget, which must be approved prior to April 1st of each fiscal year (April 1 to March 31).
  2. How does the township adopt the budget?
    Public hearings (notices are published in the Saginaw News) are held prior to adoption. At these public hearings, the budgets along with the millage levies and other charges to support them are presented for public comment. Final budgets are approved at a later board meeting.
  3. Can the budget be amended to cover unexpected expenses?
    Yes. Budget amendments must be made to cover all expenses not included in the original adopted budget. This is done by a formal resolution at a Township Board meeting.
  4. Where can I examine or obtain a copy of a township departmental budget?
    Copies are made available in the Clerk's office where they can be examined without charge. Copies are available at a per page charge.


  1. What is required to operate a business in Carrollton Township?
    Township ordinance requires that all business operations must be conducted in properly zoned areas, must be licensed and must submit yearly personal property tax statements to the township assessor by February 2nd.
  2. Where are applications for a business license and personal property tax statements obtained?
    Business license applications and instructions for completing them are obtained in the Clerk's Office or may be downloaded from this website under Forms and Applications.
    Personal property tax statements are obtained from the Assessor's Office or may be downloaded from this website under Forms and Applications.
  3. How do I contact the Better Business Bureau:
    Their office is located at 30555 Southfield Road, Southfield, Michigan 48076-7751. Telephone number: (248) 644-9100. Website address:


  1. What construction permits are required by the township and where are applications obtained?
    It is necessary to obtain building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical permits for all new buildings, alterations, additions, swimming pools, signs, installation of any underground tank and sidewalks. Applications and all pertinent information are available through the Clerk's Office (754-4611).  Permits from the Department of Environmental Quality (D.E.Q.) are required for construction or fill activities in designated flood plain zones.


  1. Do I need a license for my pet?
    Dogs, 6 months and older, are required to be licensed. Licenses are issued through Saginaw County for county residents. Dog licenses are sold at the Township Office between December 1st and Mar 1st.  Dog licenses may also be obtained at veterinary offices. A certificate of vaccination (rabies) must be presented when purchasing a license. Cost are set annually by Saginaw County.
  2. Other than getting a license for my dog, what are my responsibilities?
    Township ordinance states that it shall be unlawful for the owner, or any other person having the possession, care, custody or control of any dog:
    • To permit the dog to run at large upon the public streets, walks, parks or other public places within the township unless the dog shall be attached to a leash of sufficient strength to retain the dog in such manner as to be kept under control of the person accompanying it;
    • To permit the dog to urinate and/or defecate upon any land other than its premises;
    • To permit the dog to stray beyond its premises unless under the reasonable control of some person, or when engaged in lawful hunting, accompanied by its owner or custodian;
    • To permit the dog to cause annoyance or disturbance to persons by frequent and habitual barking, howling or yelping or to maintain a dog pen, or dog run, which shall emit offensive odors;
    • To permit a vicious, fierce or dangerous dog to go unconfined and unrestricted on such person's premises or to run at large; or
    • To permit any female dog off the premises of the owner or custodian when in heat, unless the dog is under control and attached to a leash.

      Please be considerate of your neighbors and your community. Carry a "pooper scooper." Clean up after your pet! Bags containing animal feces should be disposed of in the trash. Please do not throw them down a storm sewer.


  1. Is the township accepting applications?
    The township accepts applications and resumes for open, posted positions. Applications may be obtained at the Clerk's office or at this website under Forms and Applications.
  2. Where do I obtain working papers for minors?
    At the Carrollton Public School Administration Office located at 3211 Carla Drive, Saginaw or call (989) 754-4611.


  1. How can a citizen know if the township is not spending taxpayer money frivolously, is financially sound and is keeping proper records?
    Under Michigan Law(MCL 141.424), the township is required to annually prepare a financial statement that includes the following information:
    • The amount of money on hand in each fund at the beginning of the fiscal year;
    • The amount and source of all money placed to the credit of the township and the fund to which it is accredited;
    • The total disbursements of the money paid, for what purposes and from what fund;
    • The balance of money remaining in each fund to the credit of the township; and
    • The total of all unpaid claims of each fund.

      Also, a monthly listing of accounts payable (township bills) is available (throughout the day) for public inspection before the board's scheduled regular meeting.
  2. Are these financial statements required to be audited?
    Yes. Financial records, accounts and township procedures must be audited annually by a certified public accountant selected by the Township Board (or by the State Treasurer if the township fails to do so). A copy of the audit must be filed with the state treasurer within 120 days after the end of the fiscal year.
  3. Is the annual audit available for public inspection and are copies available for the public?
    The audit is available once the Township Board has formally received it. Copies are available for the public.


  1. Are all township meetings open to the public?
    Yes, unless the meeting is closed for a specific purpose as stated in the Open Meetings Act (Sec. 15.268).
  2. Does the public have the right to speak at a township meeting?
    Yes. However, no one has the right to disrupt a meeting. The board has the right to establish rules for length of address and conduct.
  3. Do I have to identify myself before I speak at a public meeting?
    Yes. The Attorney General has ruled that this is a reasonable requirement.
  4. When are minutes available for copying or for public inspection?
    Proposed minutes must be available for inspection within eight business days of the meeting. Approved minutes must be available within five business days of the meeting at which the minutes were approved.


  1. How do I obtain a copy of a public record?
    • Under the Freedom of Information Act (PA 442 0f 1976), a citizen may make a verbal or written request (available at this website under Forms and Applications) to inspect or receive a copy of a public record, which is not exempt from public disclosure.
    • Requests are made to the township department holding the record in question.
    • The record must be furnished within 5 days unless unusual circumstances exist.
    • The township may make reasonable rules necessary to protect its public records and to prevent excessive and unreasonable interference with the discharge of its functions.
  2. Is there a cost involved for obtaining a copy?
    • The township may charge a fee for providing copies, limited to the actual mailing costs and costs of duplication, including labor and the costs of search, examination, review and deletion of exempt material.
    • The township may request a good faith deposit of up to 50% of the estimated fee if the cost involved in the search and copying of the record will be $50.00 or more.
    • A person may examine a public record (not exempt from public disclosure) without charge.


  1. Who has control of the Carrollton Public Schools:
    The Carrollton Public School System is under the complete control of the Carrollton Board of Education. (Members of this board are elected.) Their administrative offices are located at 3211 Carla Drive, Saginaw, Michigan 48604 (989) 754-1475.


  1. Why do the elected Clerk and Treasurer have deputies?
    By law the Clerk (MCL 41.69)and Treasurer(MCL 41.77(5)), are required to appoint deputies. These deputies possess all the powers and duties of the elected Clerk and Treasurer and are authorized to perform the duties of the Clerk and/or Treasurer in the event of their absence, sickness, death or other disability. The deputies are required to be bonded and to take an oath of office. The deputy clerk and the deputy treasurer may not, however, vote as members of the township board.
  2. Is the elected Supervisor required to have a deputy?
    No. However, the law (MCL 41.61(2)) permits the Supervisor to appoint a deputy if he/she wishes, but it is not required as it is for the Clerk and the Treasurer. The deputy supervisor possess all the powers and duties of the Supervisor and is authorized to perform the duties of the Supervisor in the event of his/her absence, sickness, death or other disability. The deputy supervisor is not required to be bonded, but must take an oath of office. The deputy supervisor, however, does not have a right to moderate or to vote as a member of the township board.
  3. Can each of these respective deputies assist the Clerk, Treasurer, or Supervisor at times other than as stated above?
    Yes. Their respective deputies may assist them in the performance of their duties at any additional times agreed upon between the elected official and the township board.

If there are questions that you think should be added to this FAQ list, contact my office (754-4611, ext. 101) or contact Office Manager Megan Weaver at Thank you.

Jerry W. Fritz, Clerk

Carrollton Township

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